Promoting and supporting the rescue
and sustainable use of historic buildings.

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Internship opportunity for BPTs

APT has just negotiated an an exciting opportunity for BPT members to host an intern as part of a prestigious ... 


Newly negotiated exclusive APT member services

We’ve introduced a wide range of services for APT members which are now available through ... 


Welcome to APT

APT is the voice of Building Preservation Trusts (BPTs), promoting and supporting the rescue and sustainable use of historic buildings.

We support and advise BPTs throughout the UK and provide forums for networking and sharing of accumulated experience between members. We offer many opportunities for members to get together, both through our thriving regional organisations and at our national conference and technical seminars.

APT provides a united voice for BPTs, representing their views to government and funding bodies, as well lobbying more widely on issues relevant to this work. APT helps to develop new BPTs, particularly in areas where there are many buildings at risk but few trusts.

The members section of this website provides an unrivalled technical resource for trusts, helping them through all stages of their projects.  APT's members have accumulated a wealth of experience over many years of successfully restoring historic buildings at risk - this is now available online to guide new trusts.  

Search for a project

If you’re interested in historic building restoration, our projects gallery is a great place to start to find out more about what our trusts have done.

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Find a BPT in your area and get involved in building restoration.

New Member Services

APT is continually forming associations and links with partner organisations to create exclusive offers and resources for APT members. A range of member services have been arranged which will support BPTs in their delivery of projects.

The benefits offered include free consultations and reduced fees. The following is a sample of current services, which are continually being added to:

  • Specialist VAT advice
  • Conservation Architects
  • PR, print & design, websites online, marketing communication
  • Solicitors
  • Planning and Environmental Consultancy
  • Activity Plans and Business Planning
  • Surveying/Project Management
  • Property Advice and Training, Asset Transfer Advice
Member Benefits

APT members benefit from:

Access to a raft of specially negotiated rates and offers from architects, solicitors, VAT specialists, and a range of heritage professionals in order to help groups set up and run a building rescue project.

Support for your interests; representing your views to Government and the Funding Bodies.

Free detailed technical advice pages within the APT website on all aspects of running a project from legal set up, financial matters, options appraisals to celebrating your successes!

Regional APT meetings, technical seminars and our very popular national conference. All are excellent opportunities for networking and sharing.


Members in action

We have made over 26 videos showing different people involved in the Building Preservation Trust movement, giving a flavour of the type of work our members do. If these videos inspire you - and hopefully they will - why not get involved with a Trust in your area, or even set up your own trust.