About Us

Hey, you wanna know more about our company??

We love finance and especially personal finances. We love to help people find loans and credit when they need it. That's what we do!

Loan Ranges -
Our loans typically range from £200 - £2,000 and you can choose to accept this amount from one of our agents who will come to your house, or, you can choose to have this payment made to your account within a matter of minutes. Whichever is most convenient to you, we don't mind.

Credit Scoring -
Whether or not you'll be able to recieve a loan is based upon whether you have a decent credit score from past loans or finance. We can check this automatically online and if your score is 120 or above then you'll automatically be approved. Don't worry about anyone knowing you're situation with getting a loan - all of our credit checks are compelted privately using our in-house software.

Repayments -
You can choose to repay your loan on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis and if you fall behind all you have to do is give us a call and we'll see to it that a plan is set in place to allow you to repay the loan at a convenient schedule.